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We’ll help you embrace the new era of search marketing. Leverage SEO, content, paid search & voice search.


Your current search marketing / SEO is probably very outdated.

Search marketing is all about tapping into the potential customer’s internal process of thought > emotion > action. It’s about psychology and understanding the moment that a customer needs your business. Then being there in that moment.

Customers experience 1000’s of these moments each day, where they are compelled by their thoughts and emotions to seek better, solve problems, be curious, escape reality, dream of the future. And so the customer uses a device to take action – to search.

We match the capabilities of your organisation to search patterns of your customers, so when they jump on to do a search for a solution like yours, there you are! But beyond that, we consider the type of search - does the customer need to see an image, a map, a review?

You need to up your search marketing game to compete in this new era.

That's where we can help >



We’ve worked magic with big brands & small businesses alike.


Search engine optimisation

Paid search marketing

Video & image searches

Voice search optimisation

Local, store & map searches

Google knowledge panel

App store searches

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We take the time to really understand your business, market & customers.

Identify your target market & ideal customers

We’ll help you identify the type of customers who have the best chance of converting, the customers who’ll spend the most money on each purchase, or have the highest chance of purchasing on more than one occasion.

Position you where your customers are looking

We’ll figure out the ideal way to reach your ideal customers using search. It might be via Google, YouTube, maps, images or something else. We’ll then design the strategy required to get in front of them.

Create messaging & sales copy that converts

We’ll help you create sales copy & messaging which really sells the competitive advantage of your business. Above and beyond the generic “we are the best” copy - focusing more on what makes your business truly unique.

Understand profit centres within your business

Some products or services in your business make you more profit than others. We can focus our search efforts to market your best products to potential customers, to maximise the ROI of your marketing efforts & grow your business faster.

Track & monitor competitor’s activity

We’ll continuously monitor your results in comparison to your direct competitors. We’ll also monitor the strategies that your competitors use so we can stay ahead of the game.


We’ve got all the research, strategy, optimisation, analytics & content covered. We’ll handle it.

We just specialise in search - but we do it end-to-end. That means we’ll take control of the process and do everything required to get the results we are shooting for.


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From the founder

I don’t believe in the saying “make a career out of your passion”. In contrast, I believe truly that you should make a career out of something you’re good at – do something that compliments your natural tendencies and gives you a deep sense of achievement.

As a kid I didn’t dream about becoming a marketer, but after years of working in marketing and digital, I’ve become pretty good at this. I’m starting to become a thought leader and have answers to complicated questions – it’s fun and highly satisfying.

So when you work with us, you aren’t getting a small amount of our attention because we’re distracted thinking about our other passions. We are marketers, and we apply ourselves unapologetically to our craft every single day.

Chris Harris
Founder & Head of Search

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Compare us


Side A

Podium Search

✔ 30 day free trial

✔ No lock in contracts

✔ Focus on sales/leads

✔ Optimise for entire SERP

✔ Highly experienced team

✔ Detailed strategies

✔ Voice search experts

✔ Focus on ideal customers

✔ Sales copywriting

+ much more

Side B

Other agencies

✘ No free trial

✘ Lock in contracts

✘ Focus on keywords

✘ Optimise for text results

✘ Junior team members

✘ No strategy documents

✘ No voice search expertise

✘ No focus on ideal customer

✘ No sales copy


At last, an SEO/SEM agency you can grow with.